What is the EPA’s position on 2,4-D and cancer?
Worldwide, no pesticide regulatory agency classifies 2,4-D as a human or animal carcinogen.

EPA stated in its 2007 decision not to invoke a Special Review:

“Because the Agency has determined that the existing data do not support a conclusion that links human cancer to 2,4-D exposure, it has decided not to initiate a Special Review of 2,4-D, 2,4-DB and 2,4-DP.”

In issuing the Order Denying NRDC's Petition to Revoke Tolerances in April 2012, the EPA stated:

“A part of this cancer assessment was the review of data bearing on 2,4-D’s potential mutagenicity. EPA has consistently found that these data do not support classification of 2,4-D as a carcinogen. This view was concurred in by the Joint Committee of Science Advisory Board (SAB) and the Scientific Advisory Panel (SAP)”.

In reviewing Reregistration Eligibility in 2014, it was further concluded that:

“EPA also completed a thorough literature search considering all pertinent toxicity research and found no information which would change the conclusions drawn in the Agency’s risk assessment.”