I have heard regulatory agencies base their decisions on ‘secret studies’ paid for by the pesticide industry, is this true?
The Task Force did not conduct a single research study of the more than 300 Good Laboratory Practices (GLP) studies required by the EPA and the PMRA for the reregistration/re-evaluation of the herbicide 2,4-D. Regulatory decisions regarding 2,4-D are based on an enormous body of research that has been conducted by some 30 EPA GLP accredited laboratories in concert with studies and reports published in scientific journals, as well as other foreign nations’ and international organizations’ reviews.

Regulators carefully review all studies for GLP compliance and any intentional GLP violation (such as false or misleading information/data about the health or environmental risks) is a violation of federal law. These laws are enforced, so both the company responsible and the laboratory doing the work take GLP guidelines very seriously.

In summary, regulators do not base any registration decisions on secret studies. Importantly, the industry research Task Force has taken the additional step of publishing the research data submitted to regulators in peer-reviewed journals.

As part of our initiative, the Task Force works closely with regulatory agencies to gather the most up to date information and share the most pertinent findings with the general public.